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Optimizing solution: fields separator & layout ID

Question asked by vincer on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by DavidJondreau


for optimizing my solution I have two questions that should be easy but can't solve myself.


1) when referencing layouts in scripts, instead of using the Go To Layout [name], just in case some layout name may change, I would like to use the Layout ID.

Question: Funny, but I can't find the ID of each layout


2) In Tables with many fields, for a better clear view, I use to separate groups of fields adding an extra text field as separator like "_____CALCULATIONS" or "____CHECKS", etc. Those are of course "unused fields". While it works fine, when analysing the solution using external tool (like for example BaseElements), those fields are reported as "unreferenced" and mixed to "real important" unreferenced fields.

Question: what do you use to separate groups of fields in busy tables ?


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