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Exporting all fields in a relationship

Question asked by HunterParrot on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by HunterParrot

Hi, I have a simple script to find and export records from two tables. 


Table 1, "SOWs": NameOfSOW, SOW_ID, VendorName, QuotedPrice, DateStarted, EndDate, Status

Table 2,  "POs": SOW_ID_po, POvalue, POnumber, StartingValue


The relationship is keyed on SOW_ID, I'm sure you guessed.  My script finds all active SOWs and exports them and their related POs (not all SOWs have more than one PO) to an xlsx.  The problem is that the spreadsheet exports all of the fields from "SOWs" only once, even if there are multiple POs, so it looks like the attached.  You can see - Project2 has three POs but the SOW fields only got exported in the first row.  How do I get the export to include all of the related fields in each row?


Thanks for the help!