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add info without changing product description

Question asked by sebastiaan on Dec 20, 2017
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Good morning everyone,


First of all I hope I'm not posting an old question, but I could't find the answers.


Since April this year we are using Filemaker Pro and we developed an ERP system for our company with Quotations, Orders, Invoices and Products. Each part has it's own table together with 3 Detail tables for quotations, orders and invoices.


We noticed that if you want to add something on an order such as freight info (freight is a product). The description of the product 'freight' is also changed in the table products. As a result all orders which contains the product freight are changed.


Does somebody know how we can develop a situation where we still can add info in a description field of a product but only on the order and not in our productlist.


Thanks in advance for your reaction.


Kind Regards,