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FMS 16 WebDirect Server

Question asked by BarryBKS on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Lisa Rose



First, I apologise if this has been covered before.


I have just moved from FMS13 to FMS16.


Everything is up and running. However, when FMP16 connects to a database directly, it gets a warning that the connection is not encrypted. How do I turn this off as all direct connections are done on our LAN so no encryption is necessary.


The other issue is the WebDirect. I have done as I did with FMS13 and installed our own wildcard certificate into IIS for the hosted site which appears to be working fine, yet when anyone connects to the WebDirect site, I get an error message saying that the standard FileMaker certificate is installed and I should install my own custom certificate.

Error shown below.




SSL is turned off in the security tab of the Server Console.


Any thoughts please?