Possible Bug Report: FMS 15 Server Shutdown on ODBC Connection Failure

Discussion created by fshcm13 on Dec 21, 2017
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Possible bug report:

Over the last couple weeks, our FMS 15 has spontaneously shut off.  To be explicit, the serving of files by FMS has been deactivated while the rest of FMS remains active (WPE, ODBC, etc.).  Scheduled scripts still fire, the WPE tries to work, there are just no files being actively served to respond to the scripts.


My theory was that one of our partner site’s servers was being disrupted (internet connection or server shutdown/offline), which caused a disruption in my scripts/external connections that FMS did not enjoy or appreciate.  So in response, it shut itself off. 


The connection I have is an ODBC external source to a remote SQL database comprising 2 TO’s in my system. 


Last night this error happened again.  My FMS server process shut down at precisely 23:46 local.  This morning, I contacted the admin of my partner SQL site and he confirmed that at exactly that time he shut down his server for a software upgrade.  This can not be a coincidence.  It appears the disconnection of the ODBC source triggered the server shut off.


This cannot be a “normal” feature of FMS.  I have used my google-fu and have not found anything to corroborate a design choice by FileMaker to kill the FMS process when ODBC connection fails.


Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, is there any way to programmatically avoid FMS shut down when ODBC connectivity fails? Am I missing something with regard to the designed behavior of FMS?  Or is this another mystery bug in FileMaker?