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I'm having difficulty setting up a portal

Question asked by jquin on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by jbrown

I have been putting together an FM database for the travel business I work for.  I’m now trying to set up a portal but it’s not working out so far.

I have three relevant layouts:

  • Tour Listing, which has three fields:  Tour ID, tour name and departure date.
  • Receipts, which shows the individual receipts from customers.  The fields relevant to the portal are Customer ID and Tour ID.  Based on the Tour ID, the tour name and departure date are completed from the relationship to the Tour Listing layout.
  • Customer Details, which generates the Customer ID used for the Receipts layout.

I am trying to set up a portal in Customer Details to show, for each Customer ID, the Tour ID, tour name and departure date for each related receipt in the Receipts layout.

The portal shows the related receipts for each Customer ID and the relevant Tour ID but I can’t get it to display the tour name and departure date.  I’m assuming this is because the data has not itself been entered in the Receipts layout but has been automatically completed from the Tour Listing layout.

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to display all three fields in the portal and, if so, how I can do it?