Stop everything! I have arrived.

Discussion created by eric on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by eric

Christmas has come early, and I've just been promoted to the Community level of "Relationship Builder".

I'm surprised there wasn't more fanfare. I only found out by accident while performing a twice daily check of how many points I have gained across the entire community.


I've seen the titles of all the other levels and decided there really is no higher calling than Relationship Builder. ("Inspector Detector": Pshaw!) So, to make sure I remain forever enshrined as a Relationship Builder, I will no longer attempt to contribute anything to the Community and I must insist that everyone immediately cease and desist from liking anything I ever posted. This demand, of course, is a complete reversal of my previous plea for help in boosting my Community points to this ultimate rank of Relationship Builder:

Help! Community Ranking