Corrupted - Bug when saving Style and Theme

Discussion created by Programs101 on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by alquimby

I was changing just the rollover background color on one Style ... but when I saved the Style and Theme ... suddenly more than half of all of the rest of the styles in the Theme also changed ... I could not undo.  It was almost as if I had selected the rest of the Styles at the same time and applied some of the attributes to them as well.  I don't know if my file has been corrupted or if this is just another glitch that I somehow came across when saving the Theme.  I began resetting the styles but it is very time consuming ... so I renamed the Theme ... and imported the same Theme from another file.  However ... doing so means I must reset most of the elements on all of the layouts in the file.


It seems whether I reset all of the corrupted / changed Styles or use the imported Theme and reset all of the elements on all of the layouts ... it represents many additional hours of work to fix the issue.


Unless someone has a workaround ????