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Do I need 8 GB RAM to run FMS16?

Question asked by gerta on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2017 by wimdecorte

We're working to migrate from FM Pro to FM Server in order to provide WebDirect access to our databases. Our university requires us to use their virtual servers for this purpose, which is fine, but we pay according to our CPU and memory usage, so we'd like to avoid going overboard on the specs. FMS 16 claims to require 8GB of RAM and 80GB of disk space. This thread seems to indicate FMS 16 runs fine with 4GB RAM on an AWS EC2 t2.medium instance. Can we get away with specs below the supposed minimum? I should mention this is a pretty lightweight setup: we're looking to set up a basic FMS installation with just a single concurrent connection for accessing a handful of pretty simple and small databases. The official tech specs seem pretty heavy-handed about meeting these minimums, but maybe others have found otherwise?