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Question asked by JoelLevinson on Dec 24, 2017
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MagicList Question: I  can't seem to repeat the success of the original example.  I have taken the original example and removed everything that isn't required for a DropDown search, and it works perfectly.  When I repeat the same steps in a new file, it doesn't work. UGH.


I copied the setting tables, I've looked at the relationships, I reviewed the script triggers, the custom functions and I've created the emptyscript. I am pretty confident that I am missing something small - just don't know what & where.


I have looked through the forums and all of the magic list questions to no avail.


I have attached the original example - that works (Original) and the one that doesn't (NEW).


If anyone has a cycle or two to point out my mistake, I would be grateful for the help.


Many thanks and happy holidays.