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High Sierra Up In the Air

Question asked by jmcabito on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2017 by planteg

I’m pleased to be a small part of the FM community. I’ve been producing databases since 1990, starting with MS Access. I transitioned to Filemaker in 2008 when I retired. I no longer need to support my MS Access customers.


Still after this long time, I still struggled with the language change between MS and FM.


I support non-profits in my community, I don’t charge fees or expect reimbursement costs for data needs.


Foolishly I upgraded to High Sierra, bringing myself and my copy of FM Pro Advance 12 to it’s knees. Again I foolishly purchased FM Pro 16 before remembering why I had purchased an Advance copy – mostly Custom Menus. Well, mud on my face.


Meanwhile if anyone has any words of condolence or suggestions please post both.