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Multi-language solution

Question asked by Wicktor on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by ibrahim_bittar

Hello everyone,

The solution is hosted on FMP server 16, it has 26 tables, and one of them named "MultiLanguage" has stored multi language labels.

Each label has the same formula based on Language field, for example:

City_label =

Case (

Language = "English"; "City:";

Language = "Spanish"; "Ville:";

Language = "German"; "Standt:";


and so on for some 1200 labels used inside the other 25 Tables.

I am considering to change the structure and have a Table with text fields where each value is not calculated but entered (it would makes things easier in case of modifications of labels without need to enter inside the program).


Is it considered a good alternative ?

How do you manage multi-language solutions ?


Many Thanks,