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Click and drag ... mouse vs. trackpad

Question asked by oregondean on Dec 22, 2017
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Greetings.  I have a strange problem that has "haunted" me from my last laptop (2009 MBP 17") and prior MacOS (at least Sierra).  In layout edit mode when I try to change the size of a section with a click and drag on the bottom of that section it all but almost never works with my mouse but always works with my trackpad. With both methods I always see the cursor change to the drag icon and the on screen graphics always show the light line as if the section height is changing ... but with the mouse as soon as I let go everything is just the same as before I started.


I say almost never works because I am sure that occasionally - but very rarely - I can get the mouse driven section sizing to work. Maybe a few dozen tries to get one success.


I think this is a mouse hardware problem.  How does FMP know I'm using a mouse instead of a trackpad? It seems like the OS should interpret the hardware actions to FileMaker the same way, regardless of the hardware. ... very curious.  I wanted to check here before reporting to Apple or buying a new mouse.


MBP 2017, MacOS High Sierra, FileMaker 16 Pro, original MagicMouse. Same problem with MBP 2009 17", Sierra, and FMP 16 ... and I believe FMP 15 as well.