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Looking for a CRM solution

Question asked by sasha on Dec 23, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2017 by beverly

Working in a small company producing scientific apparatus, I am a FileMaker developer (not so expert) and with no time to built a FileMaker solution for the sales dep.


I am looking for a CRM solution suit our needs to be immediately implemented but open to be modified for the future by me.


Need to manage:

Contacts with the focus on the end user  and not to the invoice client, our customers are university or company having a invoice contact but several dep inside and we need to focus nth dep. first but related to the one paying.

Manage deal and deal validation

Manage quote (importing in the solution our price list with product codes, description and prices (coming from our admin solution)

Manage all the pre sales communications

Generating order confirmation

Generating orders to te sent to out admin solution

Creating reports of products quoted and sold

Manage customer support with all the needs of this dep.


But first of all I need to buy a open solution, where I can modify implement all part of the software to let me adeguate the solution at our particular needs.


Anyone can advise me a good starting point?