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Auto Refresh of Calculation Field Using Get(CurrentDate)

Question asked by jebber6685 on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by jebber6685

I created a stock purchase database to help me keep track of investments. I created a calculation field ( Investment Hold Fiole that calculates the time period in years that a particular investment has been held using the "Purchase Date" field and the "Sell Date" field. Here is that calculation;


Case(IsEmpty( Sell Date ) and IsEmpty( Purchase Date );Get ( CurrentDate ) - Get ( CurrentDate );IsEmpty( Sell Date ) and Purchase Date > 1/1/1980;(Get ( CurrentDate ) - Purchase Date) / 365;Sell Date > .001;(Sell Date - Purchase Date) / 365)


This calculation field works but it does not update. I need to actually Cut the purchase date and re-Paste it back in the Purchase Date field in order to trigger calculation field to return the correct investment hold time period ( in years ) using the current date.


I want to be able to open a Stock Record and see the current investment hold period based on the current date. I thought the (CurrentDate) did this automatically but I guess that is not correct. I have tried all the Refresh scripts and nothing seems to work.


Can anyone offer a solution here such that when I enter the record of a particular investment that the "investment hold period" field is correct and up-to-date?


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


I have FMPro Advanced

OS - Windows 7