Understanding a "Insert Merge Brackets by Parameter" script

Discussion created by yomango on Dec 24, 2017
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Hello, everyone. I am not expecting a prompt answer today, Dec. the 24th, but I am trying to understand this script from a free 'Donations" file by Richard Carlton; I wrote them with my question but got no answer. There are two "Insert Merge brackets..." scripts (716 and 717). Any single script step checks the script parameter and inserts in a text field in a merge field (<<merge field>>). It looks straightforward. But, when comparing the merged field name with the available fields to merge, I can't find them, nevertheless, it works: as the screenshot shows,merge fields <<First Name>>, <<Last Name>> and  <<Last Donation Ammount>> are sought, and the right data is shown; but, when I look for those field namess, they DO NOT exist as such: there is a "Name_first" field, not a "<<First Name>>", same for "Name_Last" not  "<<Last Name>>"; worse (for my understanding) there isn't a field close to be named "<<Last Donation Ammount". I've looked at all tables for the field names shown as merged fields, no luck. Anyone of you has the understanding of what's happening? I appreciate the guidance. Thank you and "Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año".