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How to install an SSL cert in FMS 16 on OS X?

Question asked by douglerner on Dec 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2017 by douglerner

I was trying to following the instructions here:


The instructions don't seem to be working though. For one thing, on the page where you are supposed to import the certificates, every time I try to select a .crt file from my Mac it just says "no file selected."


When I downloaded the certs from GoDaddy (one of the allowed issuers) I didn't know which server type to use (you can choose Apache, Other, etc.) so I chose Other. The FM instructions didn't say which type to select. Should I have chosen a different type?


The zip file  I downloaded from GoDaddy contained just two files there. Unlike in the FM instructions, one is not mydomain.crt but does contain a single cert so I'm assuming that is the root cert. And the other one already has the chain concatenated in one file, so I don't know what the instructions mean  regarding concatenating the chains into a separate chain.pem file.


Basically the instructions at the FM site don't correspond with what I see in the control panel and don't provide enough info and uploading the files doesn't work.


I do have the private key file serverKey.pem located in /FileMaker Server/CStore/ is with my encryption password in it. I made a copy of that file on my Mac also in case it helps with uploading it.


Can somebody fill in the missing parts?