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FMS 16 multiple workers load balance LAN-WAN

Question asked by delltechservices on Dec 25, 2017

I have deployed FMS 16 with multiple worker machines.

Master machine inside the LAN and accessible via a corporate VPN.

2 worker machines are inside the LAN and accessible via a corporate VPN.

1 worker machine is on the WAN and has the necessary port access to the Master machine.


The problem I just noticed is that if a user tries to access webdirect on the WAN worker machine, he may be forwarded to one of the VPN protected LAN machines even if he is not connected to the VPN.

As a result, he gets an error page since the browser cannot resolve the LAN address.


Is there a way to configure the load balancer to prevent forwarding to internal LAN workers if the user is not on the VPN or if the user went to the WAN machine address directly?


It looks like the FileMaker load balancer sends users to machines in a round robin.