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FM Cloud Backups/Restore

Question asked by dataWolf on Dec 25, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by dataWolf

In FMCloud I see "snapshots" which apparently is supposed to serve as a backup.

1) How do i restore?

For example let's say a record was accidentally deleted and I need to access yesterday's (or last week's) backup to grab just that record, how would I do that? When I hosted the files locally, I would go to the backups, open a back up file, and upload into the live file.

2) How do i download all the files? For example if I wanted to stop using Cloud, how would I download all the files with layouts and scripts, and the data? So that I could then host locally without Cloud?

3) Can I script or otherwise schedule a backup to a different hosted cloud? For example, let's say someone hacks into my AWS root account and deletes the instance, that would also delete all tables backups and snapshots. I would like to regularly automatically backup to google drive for example. Just something somewhere else with different credentials. It's mission critical data.