FMP 16 Card Window Modality issues

Discussion created by lsn on Dec 26, 2017
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Hi folks,

I'm hoping somebody can explain why I can't get modality working (and, I do understand it's only modal to the parent window, that's fine) with Card windows.

The idea is to have a couple of generic modal cards I can call from various scripts, all of which have one of the following requirement:

  1. display feedback (validation, etc) OR
  2. display a question and receive a choice back.

In FMP 14 & 15, I've used Show Custom Dialog for this purpose, but although it is a great Q&D solution, it is limited. You can't count on it being the size that you need for your feedback text, if you need input, you have limited opportunities for customizing the input fields, etc.


My app has approx 134 instances of these calls, and I held off designing more custom modal dialogs because I knew Cards were coming.


I thought that Cards would be ideal for my two goals, especially because you *can* size them if you want to (and the dimming is nice too).  But I can't get them to wait when called from a script the way I expect them to be.  The calling script continues running.


I've attached a stripped down file that shows the range of possibilities for these two goals, illustrating both the expected/base behavior that I thought would work and the workarounds I'm currently using to achieve the goals, which seem wrong to me.


Additional notes:

  • I've made sure there is no OnWindowOpen scripting in this file, just FirstWindowOpen, and also tried to follow every other hint of what could be wrong that I could see in the community discussion.  I don't actually use OnWindowOpen in my app, but I do use OnLayoutEnter normally -- there is none of that in this sample file.  I don't try to size the Cards here, etc.
  • I'm working in Windows 10 - very good possibility that this is relevant to my questions in this thread. 
  • I am an experienced developer in many languages but have only worked with FMP for about two years, so I'm probably just doing something dumb.  Please be kind :-).
  • I think my problems may have something to do with the requests/ideas in this thread: Script steps "Wait for user" and "Continue" , and in fact my Result workaround loop is similar to what is shown by one user there.  But I'm not expert enough to know if it should be needed in 16.


Thanks in advance for any advice.  Gratefully,


Lisa Slater Nicholls