Perform Script on the server using data from a temp Global field

Discussion created by lukep1 on Dec 26, 2017
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I want to move my Execute SQL() scrip from local computer to the server and i ran into a problem.   In my Execute SQL() script i insert values from different fields  into MS SQL table. Everything works except inserting data from one global field.  This global field is a comment that user inputs and i use a global field so i can take the value and insert it into SQL.  After reading some older discussions i found that Perform Script on Server doesn't know any values from local global fields and i need to define values to make this work.  Here is what i did:


Set Variable [$$Comment; Value Comments_FM::Comment_Text_FM]

Perform Script on Server[Wait for Completion:;"Add_Comment"]


in my add comment script i have something like this:

Execute SQL[ Calculated SQL text:


INSERT INTO Comments (Comment_Text)

Values ('" & GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ); $$Comment) & "')



I don't know what i'm missing but it's not working for me.  Any help will be really appriciated.