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Create a similar to assets picture view

Question asked by in43sh on Dec 26, 2017
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I'm just new to Filemaker and trying to make the picture view for my own project which is similar to on in Assets ready solution.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 1.26.39 PM.png

This is just some random memes from my computer. So I tried to use instructions from this thread, but couldn't figure out how to make a container for the enlarged picture and how to make reference to one of the chosen pictures. In the Assets solution, I was really confused by the drag and drop trigger. I guess I don't really need it, what I really need is to send the value of thumbnail pic to the Enlarged picture container. For the trigger to thumbnail, I've found the following function:

Set Field [ Assets:Selected File ; GetFieldName ( Assets::File 1 Container ) ]

which as I understand just selects the file itself and doesn't pass to the Enlarged picture container.

Any help will be appreciated.