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Script for finding a checkbox result

Question asked by harriet on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by greatgrey

I am trying to write a script that includes performing a find for a very simple checkbox result.  I know this has been described before, but when I do what I think the discussions specify, I get no results, when in fact there should be 31 out of 38.


The name of the table, hypothetically, is: Table

The name of the checkbox field is: drug allergy

The value list for the checkbox field has one line: drug allergy

The checkbox field is a text field.


Here is the script:


Enter Find Mode [Pause: Off]

Set Field [Table::drug allergy; "drug allergy"]

Set Error Capture [On]

Perform Find [Restore]


When I click the gearbox next to [Restore], I get to the Specify Find Requests box, which lists Find Records under Action and lists Accounts::drug allergy: [=drug allergy] under Criteria


What do I need to change to get the script to find all the records with drug allergy checked?