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Unrecognized Character

Question asked by DennyHayes on Dec 28, 2017
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[12/4/2017 1:26:52PM] Dennis Hayes:
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I keep running into a character that appears to be a carriage return but it is not, and using a Substitute calc or any other functions will not recognize it or delete it. I am not sure if this forum captured it, but after my name there is a colon, then a space, and then that character. I have tried apps that give the ASCI code for characters, but they can't recognize it either. The only way I have found to get rid of it is to use a loop to transfer the lines before it and after it to another field and then delete all that is left, which is only the fake carriage returns. These are long text files, and I want the messages to appear after the date and time instead of under it. The source for these messages came from doing an export of messages in Skype. The problem is that most chat apps do not store messages for very long, so I am building a file/app that can be used to store them forever, and well as many other functions. I found that I can export the messages to web viewer and then pull the messages from there, but I am reformatting the text and need to get rid of that character.