Passing pre-assigned ID and other ID's into another table

Discussion created by dchaley369 on Dec 29, 2017
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I have eight thousand pre-assigned property id fields that are joined to 2 more pre-assigned id fields.


For example, P-1, the property number id carries with it both  L-1, the lot number id and the N-1 neighborhood number id.


All of these are pre-entered and will not change nor can a user delete or alter them, they are forever as they are.


The issue is, I need to create a record on another table that will be assigned multiple Property id’s and have the L id’s and S id’s automatically fill in.


When I use a portal it creates a new record for the properties which of course I do not want.


What can I do besides scripting by variables in order to pull the Property P-1 and its L-1, N-1 info into the deeds as I create a new deed?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks