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Saving username & password for using FileMaker as an ODBC Data Source

Question asked by user26047 on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by actualjon

I am trying to use FileMaker as an ODBC source for a program (Firehouse) built in Visual FoxPro 9 on an MS SQL 2008 database, running on Windows Server 2008 R2.


The goal:

  • For Firehouse to reference data contained in FileMaker as an ODBC source;
  • For Firehouse's automated task processor to ping that data source every 15 minutes to grab new data.


What I did:

  • I set up a User DSN and pointed it at my server (which happens to be FileMaker Cloud, but I have access to another local server if somehow that could help);
  • Firehouse recognized the FileMaker fields and let me map them, so I did.


The problem:

  • It works perfectly in terms of how it pulls data, but it only runs successfully if I stay logged into the automated task processing server and type in the FileMaker database username and password every time the task begins. Given that that's supposed to be every 15 minutes, that is not feasible.


I feel certain there must be a way to save this information somewhere, but I have absolutely no idea where (and I might be wrong, anyway). In the FileMaker file? In the DSN itself, even though I'm not given the option to enter it upon creation?...


What didn't work:

  • Setting the FileMaker file to login automatically as a Guest with the right permission set that allows ODBC access and record access.
  • Adding UID / PWD and USERID / PASSWORD fields to the DSN's registry. (I realize this would not be great from a security standpoint, but the data it is pulling is literally just a list of names.)


I realize this is a very odd problem and a very long shot, but: Does anybody have any clever ideas on where and how I can save the username and password that might suppress the login prompt?