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Parsing, extracting or finding occurence of word

Question asked by user25183 on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2017 by user25183

I have a database with many files.


For the part I try to make now it concerne two files, one is a file with mainly a large "Text" and the second is a series of "Keywords".


I want in a third "Xreference" file to have a the "Keywords" use in the "Text", a cross reference.


So that from the "Keywords" file I can have a portal of all record that use a specific keyword. And in the "Text" file I have a portal with all the keywords.


To generate the third file I was looking at a script that can be trigger once when a record is created in the "Text" file and same would go for the "Keywords" file.


I believe I need to create a script that from the "Text" file will search for the "Keywords" and create the "Xreference" records when adding a new "Text" record. Similar kind of script when adding a new record in"Keywords".


Any suggestion on best way to do that?