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How do I combine multiple databases on one layout?

Question asked by gadget on Dec 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by BruceRobertson

Hi all! Wonderful to be here! First time posting ever, so go easy on me. I’m a longtime amateur AppleScript programmer, 3D animator, video editor, electronic musician, and sci-fi writer, and I’m completely and utterly new to databases, FileMaker, and the “FileMaker paradigm,” so to speak. And, I’m trying to do something fairly ambitious my first time out of the gate:


I want to have 3 separate databases (or Tables). Characters, Locations, and Gadgets. I want one Layout, with 3 tabs. When you click on Characters, you’re entering information (Records) into the Characters database ONLY. When you click on Locations, you’re entering new Records into the Locations database ONLY. And so on. And, I want relationships between the tables; for instance, I want the “Current Location” field of the Characters tab to be a drop-down list of all the Location Names entered into the Locations database. Or the “Main Gadget” field of the Characters tab to be a drop-down list of all the Gadget Names entered into the Gadget Name field in the Gadgets database.


I’ve tried using “Portals,” but all I get is a big ugly grey box that takes up the entire tab, which the program will not let me click on or modify except through the Inspector (using width and height measurements), with just a single row of field names across the top but no actual fields that I can use or manipulate.


Is it even possible to do this? If it is, please explain it to me slowly, and please, if you can, give me step by step directions on how to achieve it; remember, I’m new and FileMaker-stupid . . . If this isn’t possible, please tell me why, and let me know if there are any alternatives I can try!


Thanks SO much for any help, in advance! :-)