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A script to compress backups when saving them to DropBox?

Question asked by douglerner on Dec 29, 2017
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On our hosting plan, in order to create backups to DropBox we are told we use the steps below. The FMS 15 server is Windows.


1) Download and install Dropbox onto your server's desktop. Then, create a folder you want the backups to be saved to.

2) Log in to the FileMaker Server Admin Console and select Schedules in the left column. 

2) Click the small calendar icon in the top right and select "Create a Schedule".

3) Select "Back up databases", select the databases you want to have backed up, then click Next.

4) Enter the folder path to that folder in Dropbox that you want the backups to be saved to. 

5) Set how often you want the backups to be created and sent to Dropbox.

6) Review and Complete the Schedule.


That part I'm pretty sure I can do myself. But the backups are not compressed. Compression to .zip saves a huge amount of space for the backups. For that our hosting company said:


"In order to save as a ZIP file and send to Dropbox, you would need to write a script to make this happen. After the backup is created on the server, the script will be triggered at a certain time to do the zipping and moving to Dropbox."


They don't have such a script, and I was wondering if such a script was available in our community somewhere.