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Need some help with a Report Numbering of a Sum Summary part?

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Dec 29, 2017
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Hi Folks,


Need some help with a Report Numbering of a Sum Summary part? I have tried to use a few suggestions from the list, namely, the  “summing the reciprocal” by “Philmodjunk” without success. I was able to get this to work in the Category Table but I need it to work in the Problem Table for the Category (Dark Block).


FMA 16.03 Cross Platform

I have two related tables for this report - Category and Problem

Each Category has one or several Problems associated to the category.


The Report is located in the Problem table and has Two (2) Sub Summary parts, Category and Problem. The below numbered calculations are displayed on the screen shot to the left side of the Header and just under it in the Sub Summary part. On the left side of the dark block is a Merge field RecordNumber.


1.) sTotreccnt               Summary    = Count of Category_ID (running with restart), when Sorted by Category::Category_ID

2.) cGet_Sum                Calculation             = Unstored, = GetSummary(sTotreccnt, Category_ID)


3.) sSum_getsum        Summary    = Total of cGet_Sum


The screen shot show a report that has only 4 selected Categories of the 7 possible categories.  Categories are in the dark blocks and need to be sequentially numbered.


The pink color is the Problems and Each Category may have more than one related problem. The yellow is just a text field acting as a descriptor.