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How do I use Microsoft Remote Desktop to transfer a file from my Mac to a FMS Windows server?

Question asked by douglerner on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2017 by douglerner

I am using Microsoft Remote Desktop for the first time to connect to a Windows server running our FMS 15 server. I was able to connect to Windows and do stuff inside Windows, but I don't see how to transfer files from my Mac (i.e. my databases) to the server.


My hosting service says, "You can use Microsoft Remote Desktop to share your local hard drive with the server to copy up any necessary files."


I don't see how to do that, and I Googled around and couldn't find any answers. Microsoft support chat couldn't help me and gave me a "Pro Support" number and they want $499 per incident to help!


So I was wondering if some kind soul here could tell me what I am missing.


- If I share my local hard drive with Windows do I have to share the whole drive, or can I share just a folder?


- Is there no SFTP server in Windows to which I can connect and just upload the files?


- Would it be easier to just create a shared Dropbox folder in Windows and share the files that way, or is this somehow easily done via Remote Desktop? Or do it through Microsoft OneDrive perhaps?