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No Access to benefits or downloads / disabled by adminstrator

Question asked by user29463 on Dec 30, 2017
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Hi There

I do not seem to have access to my benefits.  had followed the instructions as per e-mail


All FDS customers are automatically enrolled in the FREE FileMaker Community. In addition to your FDS software, the FileMaker Community site gives you access to technical information such as technical briefs, how to articles, white papers, web seminars, iOS resources, and a special developer focused discussion forum.

Here’s how:

1.     Log on to the FileMaker Community site at:
Username: xxxx
Password: xxxx

2.     Click on “Access Benefits” from the right side panel under FDS Subscriber.

3.     Download your software and access your license key.


I purchased this subscription back in march 2017 and have not been successful in using. please can someone help?