Solution with Patients/Surgery Performed and Clinics

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Dear All


My name is Davide and I am a thoracic surgeon based in London. I am planning to build up a Filemaker solution to keep track of my patients and the surgery performed and also the clinic appointment based on what I will automatically deliver a clinical letter.


I am clearly a rookie in Filemaker but before starting I just want to clarify with you, experts, about the structure and, my main concerns, the relationship.


What I have imagined is at follows:


1) Patient table. (ID, Name surname, DOB, address, GP): basic stuff. Easy


2) Admission table: every patient has one or more admission. These are simple details: date of admission, date of discharge/death


3) Surgery table: surgery happens during an admission. So one admission may include different surgical cases. That's the tricky part. I am thinking to create a relationship one to many in order to relate different surgeries to the same patients and also have the possibility to create a portal.


Now: is the relationship one to many the right thing to do? In the surgery table each record will represent a "surgical case" performed. My doubt is that basically the surgery are pretty much the same. To give you a hint, I attached the excel version of the field should be my surgical table.

In the table you will also


Any idea of what the best way to manage this would me muchly appreciated


Thanks a million for your help