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[Beginner] Sort of "recursive" relationship between tables ?

Question asked by heclaud on Dec 31, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2017 by planteg

Hello !


I'm just starting to learn Filemaker, and it looks amazing, but I'm still struggling with basics (not for me) notions.

Here is my problem: I'd like to build a small app for managing both my company's projects and contacts.

So I have two tables, "Projects" and "Contacts", they both have an field called "id", and the "Projects" table has a "id_contact" field, and the "Contact" table has a "id_project" field, and then the rest of the classic fields...


What I'd like to do is to be able to associate an existing contact to a project AND also to be able to associate an existing project to a contact ?


I just followed this very good tutorial: Tutoriel FileMaker Server 14: Utiliser une solution serveur avec FileMaker Go | - YouTube and I wanted to follow the shown method for adding tasks PER contact, but if I do so, it creates a hierarchy between the tbles: in his example, a task can't be attributed to another contact, which doesn't help me.


So I guess that my solution is somewhere in the Relationships tab of the Database dialogs, but I'm literally stuck.


Also, I'm just starting with  Filemaker, so a thousand excuses if that is a very commonly asked question, I had trouble to check as I don't even know what keywords to use in order to find a solution.


And please tell me if that's not clear, I'll be happy to reformulate.


Thank you very much.