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WebDirect alternative for OnKeystroke

Question asked by silverglyde on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by silverglyde

I built two specialized find fields to allow users to find all occurences of a partial string (in their respective fields), and if one found, go to detail layout for that record, but if multiple found, then show only those in the list.


I also want to allow the user to go directly to a detail layout by clicking it's row in the list.


I used OnObjectKeystroke to trigger the find script so that if the find field is empty, the focus would just go to the other field field.


But now converting for WebDirect, I find I can't use the Keystroke trigger.  How can I differentiate whether the object  exit was triggered by Tab/Enter/Return or a click outside the object?    Or better ideas?


(Projects::FindThisID is one of the two global fields used for the two specialized find fields)