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Where to check to see why a call to the WPE timed out

Question asked by douglerner on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by douglerner

We are making calls to the WPE (FMS 15, Window) of the form:


The calls return a short XML including the record-id of the found lookup. Of the last 291 such calls one timed out.


In what log might I check on the Windows server to see what else might have been going on exactly at that time to see if I can trace a reason for that one call to time out. The same call 5 minutes prior and 5 minutes after succeeded.


We set our calls to time out after 30 seconds of no response.


I just want to see if there was something going on at that time at the Windows server, or IIS, or whatever that might give a clue. I don't see anything at that time out of the ordinary in the FMS Admin Console logs.