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Commenting in Calculations /*   */

Question asked by robert-42it on Jan 2, 2018
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I am going to ask and I think answer (or partially Answer) my own question so others who are looking for this can find it.


When creating a calculation, in my case when creating a calculation field, I thought it would be useful to know how to comment out parts of the calculation in order to test parts.

While there is a place to comment the field in the field creation interface I wanted to comment out parts of code for test reasons or actual code reference.  I did not find anything about commenting calculations in the FMP Functions Ref doc but thought I would try various other standard ways of commenting.

I hit on what seems to work on my first try, /*   */.  However I have not extensively tested this so if anyone with more experience with this would like to add in their knowledge I think it would be great to expand the knowledge base.

My apologies in advance in case this is commonly known and I just happened to miss it in my research.



It appears that /* */ works to comment out code in calculations.

Caveat: I am inexperienced in FMP (15), and have not extensively tested this so proceed with caution until there are more experienced voices than mine.


Happy coding & etc.