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How Can I dynamically save layout as pdf depending on containers

Question asked by sflynndublin on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi, hope you can help me.


I need to generate a single pdf that is made up of various files.  So... I have a layout that is made up of a bunch of data that I've pulled from various sources including api's ... and all of this is put on a layout that looks like an official certificate.  All this data comes from one table.




I have container fields as part of that same table... up to five of them that I'm using a script step to "insert_from_url"... and these containers hold other pdf's downloaded from a website.  There might be 5 url's links  for one record, and none for another... it varies... and that is my struggle.  At the end of the process, I want to save that first layout made up of data as a pdf... and then save the other pdf's (appending) them to the end of that first layout.


Is there a way for me to have those containers show up if they have data in them? And if they don't have data in them, they don't show up?  And then I just save the layout as a pdf?  Or do I have to get all fancy and look into methods to append pdf's?


I was thinking if I could have the containers show up if they were "not empty" and just push the layout down to additional pages?  But then the layout has to scale dynamically or else I end up with blank pages at the end.


Please help.