Tip: Bulk Import of Button Bar SVGs

Discussion created by bigtom on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by beverly

A recent question about recovering a deleted SVG prompted me to share this tip.


You can bulk import SVG icon sets from another file by doing a copy/paste of a button bar with the SVGs you need from a backup/source file to the destination file. This will bring all the the SVGs into the destination file SVG library and they remain in the file even if the copied button bar is deleted. This will not duplicate any SVGs. If you add a few new icons to the source icon set and then copy the entire button bar set into a destination file, only the new icons will be added.


You can also use Option+Drag to move a copy of the button bar to the destination file in layout mode.


This works great and saves a lot of time by not having to do this manually for each icon. I create icon sets and keep them in button bars on a layout in a design source file. This is also a great way to organize icon sets in a single FM design file. Whenever you need a certain set in a new file just a simple drag and drop can make them all available. Hope this helps you save some time.


If we could specify SVGs from a container with a calc.....  That would make a global icon update for a solution a simple thing.


Confirmed to work on Mac and Windows. Thanks imarc.