How to get fewer FMS 661 warning...while staying notified...

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Jan 2, 2018

We almost always turn on FileMaker Server Email Notifications > Errors and Warnings as they are useful in optimizing a FileMaker Server deployment. There tend to be lots of 661 Warnings. Are all of these 661 Warning messages necessary? Some are, some are not...

Some of them come from FileMaker “Launcher” files...and can be avoided...

  1. FileMaker “Launcher” files are useful in many deployments. (These are simple local FileMaker files that OnFirstWindowOpen run a FileMaker script that open a hosted file and then close themselves.)
  2. A FileMaker Launcher file works best if it is set to: File > File Options... > “auto-open”
  3. Putting a real account name and password in a Launcher file is a security risk
  4. A FileMaker launcher file that is set to auto-open and uses the Open File script step will pass its credentials to the hosted file and cause a 661 Warning (email and/or log).

How can we have the best of both worlds (get FileMaker Server notifications while reducing false positives)?

As of FileMaker 11 and up, you can replace the Open File script step with an Open URL script step...using an FMP URL...

No more FileMaker launcher generated “false positive” 661 warning!

Tony White