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Minimal FileMaker Cloud Investment

Question asked by eric on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by anand_vaghela

If there's a non-profit that wants to host their small FileMaker solution (<10MB file) to only three or four people, but probably needs to host it less than 100 hours a year, and probably only January through March each year,

what is the minimum they can expect to pay?

Can they really pay as little as $1.04/hour used with no other up front costs?

AWS Marketplace: FileMaker Cloud (5 users)

Based on the "Estimating your costs" section that seemed to be the only cost until I saw several one-star reviews complaining that they were deceived into paying more.  I also see there "Additional taxes or fees may apply." And then the FileMaker Cloud Getting Started Guide says, "For data storage and transfer, you pay on a per gigabyte basis," but I didn't see per GB pricing anywhere yet.


What would it really cost the non-profit in this scenario for FileMaker Cloud per hour, per month, and per year after accounting for "Additional taxes or fees" and "data storage and transfer"?