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How to repeat part of script to correct input

Question asked by Eldberg on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Eldberg

Clicking a button in my script shows a dialog asking for a number. ”How many nerds this time?”

Input answer is stored in field ”Answer1”. ”Answer1” is then added to another field ”Total nerds”



The script then shows a second dialog asking for a number. ”How many of the nerds this time are men?” Input answer is stored in field ”Answer2” which I intend to add to field ”Total men”.



But someone might accidentally type in a larger number on the second question. Answer2 must not be greater than Answer1.



To ward off this, I wrote a function like ”If Answer2 > Answer1 display dialog box ”That’s wrong. There cannot be more men than there are nerds”.



This is where I have a problem. I now need to get back to the second dialog box, to offer the user a way to correct his input. However, I can’t find a ”GOTO” in the FileMaker script language.



I could of course just end the script, to let the user click the button again. But that would display the first dialog box, possibly confusing him into entering the total number of nerds again. Instead of the number of men.



Is there a solution?