Popover zoom effect origin incorrect

Discussion created by johnnyb on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by TSGal

It seems a popover will always expand into view from its top left corner, rather than from the position of the arrow connecting it to its button. This breaks visual continuity between the user's action and the information coming into view.


To reproduce:


1. Add a popover button to a layout and note the orientation of the popover relative to the button.

2. In Browse mode, click on the popover button.


Expected results:


The popover should appear to expand from a point on the edge of the button corresponding to the popover's orientation.


Actual results:


The popover appears to expand from what would be the top left corner of the expanded popover.


I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced on macOS 10.13.1.