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Membership calculation

Question asked by golferjim on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by bigtom

Hello all. I have been using filemaker for some time just not at a very high level. I am actually working at a golf course now and have started a dbase for tracking memberships. We have different types pf memberships such as "annual, summer etc" Our accountant wants info on what the income from memberships would be on a monthly basis and yearly of course. I have managed to create a script that determines the months that the membership is active and fills out fields with the amount per month etc. and of course the rest is easy as far as quarters and yearly. The dilemma is if a member doesn't renew right away when they membership expires and there is a gap of a month or so. By the way the info isn't stored. All I have is the start date and end date and want to calculate the info on demand. So if there is a gap then there has to be in essence two memberships. The previous one and the current one. So I have to script the process of calculating all that so as to include the fact that there might be a gap. For example the individual might have contributed to the monthly income for the first few months of the year  and miss two months, so those two months he or she will not have contributed any income. By the way the annual membership is paid in one sum. All I record is the name and start date and amount paid. I hope that makes sense...