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Calculated match field changed and related values don't update

Question asked by manuelruizga on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi all,


I need some help with an issue I have just encountered. I don't find any answers on the internet about it. Let´s see if anyone here can give me a hand.


A calculation field gives, as results, diferent numbers depending on its calculation. The same calculation field is a match field in a relationship with a primary key in another table called "status". In the table "status" you can find information associated to the number given as a result in the calculation field. For instance, you can find a short description of the status and whether an action is required or not.


The goal of this relationship is to show a short status description on each record.


For this purpose, I have a field called "status description" from the related table "status" showing in the original layout. At first, It seems to be working fine but it doesn't update when the calculation field changes its result number. As this calculation field is also the match field in the relationship, the field "status description" should also change. However, this is not happening.


If I go to File>Manage>Database and I go back to browse mode, the field "status description" updates.


I would need the field "status description" to update automatically with the new related reccord values after the calculation field changes its result.


How can I aproach this??


Thank you in advance!