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Developing Multilingual Solution with FileMaker

Discussion created by Hemant Kumar Patel on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by shykunets

I come across a client who needs a solution interface in two languages (English & German). I was wondering what approach to follow so that he gets what he needs without adding so much of work (or maintenance later on).

These are the approaches came to my mind for now-

1. Place labels for both the languages. "eg.- First Name/ Vorname" (The easiest one I think, but might give problems in certain parts where layout space is limited)

2. Creating a Table with Fields to store the labels and then placing these Fields in place of labels (having two records for labels one for English and one for German). And then define required relationships so correct labels are shown when user selects UI language from a utility layout.

3. Having two versions of all the layouts, one with English labels and other with German labels. (Please don't kill me for this . I know BIG NO to go this way, but just listed).


I am curious to know if anyone have done this before and how? Please share any ideas or your prior experience with this kind of requirement.