Filtered Portal to Calculation Field

Discussion created by bookalaka on Jan 3, 2018
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Good Day and Happy New Year!


I'm having fits because I can't figure a solution which seems obvious. I have multiple Objects (Tabs) with a global field to filter information on each tab.  On my "WINERY" Tab I  have a Portal with Website Addresses - ;;ChambersSiteAddress and have a global code to filter down to individual sites. What I want to do is get the filtered "single  Web address" into my web viewer.


Using a script I am able to copy and paste into my second field "INVOICES::Website_Active"  and this address can works in the "web address" in the "webviewer set up" but I know there is a better way to do this. I tried activating the script using  Object Panel Change although unfortunately this performs miserably showing the trail of the previous Pane with each switch.

INVOICES::gS_Code_PB = Left (WineryName::Code_Supplier; Length (INVOICES::gS_Code_PB) )



1. The big question...How to create a calculation field NOT using a script. Taking data from the filtered 1st row of the portal.

When I use a calculation using Winery;;ChambersSiteAddress nothing shows up (my guess because the information is from a portal.



Thank you for stating the obvious!