Using portal to display from multiple related fields

Discussion created by lexfx on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by beverly

I am building an application for my own use to track meetings and correspondence. I am recording for each “event” details of the people and organisations involved by way of keys to related records in files for People and Organisations. At present I am allowing for 6 participants in an event.


I now want to be able to see, for each person or organisation, any reference to them in the Events file. As the people and organisations vary in the order they appear in the Events file (for example as to the author of an email and the receivers of it), I am unsure of the best way to be able to create a portal picking up the “events” record for a person or an organisation. I know how to do it as a simple relationship say for a person to the first related field in the Events file but is there a way to capture all of the possibly related fields  in Events where a person is recorded?


Currently using FMA v14 but if FMA v16 has added functions that will permit this then it may be time to upgrade.