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Best practice for off site backups

Question asked by ncg1 on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2019 by dmagill

I have a business critical database hosted on a Windows server in the cloud with a Filemaker hosting company. It currently backs up on the server both nightly and weekly.  I want a recent backup stored in my hands as well.


It's a new set up, and testing my backups I have found they are failing.


I have FTP access to the server, and have set up an online service which collects my /backups folder via FTP and one way syncs it to a folder in Dropbox.  The backups when they arrive on my local desktop via dropbox are corrupted beyond recovery with "Access Privileges in this file have been damaged" appearing when I attempt to open the database.  I'm presuming they are being corrupted in transfer somehow as directly FTP'ing in to the server and downloading the backups delivers fully working files with no errors.


We're a remote working business all on laptops, so I can't have a local script download the backups via FTP.


What is the right way - or what are good working ways - to create automated off site backups in this sort of scenario please?