Why would Error 800 occur for the first export each day?

Discussion created by john_wolff on Jan 4, 2018
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For the past 10 years we have run a script for creating a .csv file of invoice items in the MoneyWorks Custom Plugins Folder. Subsequent steps in the same script import the invoice items into our MoneyWorks Debtors file for entering Payments.


Last week the script stopped working properly, but only for the first batch of invoices each day. Running the same script a second time from the same workstation did not generate the error. Before trapping for the 800 error, when the export failed, an older file from the previous day was imported, creating duplicate records in MoneyWorks.


The FM file is hosted on FMS 16.0.3, running on a 2012 MacMini i7 with a 256GB SSD & 16 GB of RAM under macOS 10.12.6. The workstations are either a MacMini late 2012 with 12 GB RAM and a 240GB SSD, or a 5K  iMac 2015, with 32 GB RAM and a 1TB Fusion Drive. Both are running FMP V16.0.3 on MacOS 10.12.6.


Any suggestion reasons for why this error would suddenly appear during the last week of December, when there have been no changes to the script, will be gratefully received, before we contemplate reinstalling FWS and/or the client apps.


Our currently proposed workaround is to trap for the error, Exit the script then rerun it.


John Wolff

Hamilton, NZ